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Everyone wants growth in their business by achieving client’s expectation and proper management but most of the company fails to get the success like MNC’S Apple and Microsoft has been at the top over the years, their quality work keep the difference from other multinational company. They work according to their customer’s expectation and use high tech and modern tools for their company through which they manage their employees need and also provide services to their customer. Every company uses different tools either online and offline to maintain office data and other document files. In today’s era, the best-rated tool for business and enterprises are OFFICE 365.

Office 365 is a suite of applications and services in the Cloud that enables the user to be able to work from anywhere. It is a subscription-based model in which the organization has to pay monthly or annually per user. The applications and services are always with latest versions and are available on multiple devices. Office 365 is software where you can get everything at one place. Your PC is no longer the place where your work lives. You can work from anywhere you want too; it becomes the hub that structures your day to day working. With Office 365, users can have their workspace and everything they need with them and easily enable your team to be able to achieve more every day.

Migration –

Migrate from other platforms to office 365 is easy, we help you to try the service, plan the migration and complete the project. We’ve completed migrations for both small one-person-businesses to complex systems for over 3000 users. We know that Office 365 is often an organization first step into Cloud computing and we want you to be confident that it is the right one for you. It gives you the opportunity to run the business smoothly at low IT costs while making applications available anywhere on any device.

Office 365 Migration include –

  1. Migration from other legacy platforms to Office 365

  2. Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online / Office 365

  3. Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange / Office 365

  4. IMAP/Google/Exchange Online /Office365

  5. Gmail, G-Drive, File Share to One Drive for business

  6. Tenant to Tenant

To learn more about how you can get value from Microsoft Office 365 and to know what makes the most sense for your business, talk to our Office 365 migration experts today.